Introduction to Belgrade

Belgrade (or ’Beograd’ in Serbian, meaning White City) is a modern, beautiful, dynamic metropolis with a feel for it. Rare are those visitors to Belgrade who left it cold hearted. Excellent choice of clubs, cafes and restaurants, and rich sports and nightlife make Belgrade one of the most attractive and desirable tourist destinations in South East Europe.

It is an old and wise city proud of millennia behind it. But its soul is ever young, free, mischievous and full of energy. It can be experienced through Belgraders, and they will gladly share it with you.

One of the best descriptions of the White City says:

‘Belgrade is an unusual mosaic built up by centuries of overlapping civilizations in which everyone finds at least something that reminds him of home’

There is a good reason why we often mention the Crossroads when we talk of Belgrade. It shapes our history, our destiny and our characters. Without understanding it, we strongly believe that it would be quite difficult for a foreigner to achieve a true insight into who and what we are.

So for Belgrade, you need not only your eyes and ears, but you have to open your hearts. In that way you will scratch the surface and the city will smile and offer Himself to You.

Surrender to joyful exploration of the city, guided by an experienced and licensed guide. A friend who knows the secrets of this strange and unique city is an important companion to make your visit memorable. Contact us, and we will do our best to adjust our programs to your specific needs and personal rhythm.

We are looking forward to welcoming you in our city!